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COVID-19 Update

We are now allowed to resume in-person care of patients. This is exciting! It comes with some drawbacks though so please be patient while I find my way through this new normal. Click here to learn more about what is happening in the clinic to allow care to resume.

I am now a Level 2 Concussion Rehab provider. What does that mean? If you, or someone you know, has lingering symptoms from a past head injury (perhaps headache, dizziness, or brain fog to name just a few) I would like to help them heal properly. It also means I'm up to date on the latest research on concussion care and looking to educate everyone how to properly manage concussions from day one.




Thank you to everyone that continues to use the online booking service - it is a great help to me!

As you know if you are a patient already, I run this show by myself. It's often hard to find time to return phone calls between patients, looking after my two boys, and helping on the farm.

If you need to speak to me, by all means, please do leave a message! But if you just want to get booked in at your earliest convenience - keep using online booking!


Mission Statement


Bonniespring Family Chiropractic is committed to the care of patients with a focus on their health and well being. I am passionate and confident in my ability to help people get better, feel better, and live better.

Patient Centred Care


Bonniespring Family Chiropractic prides itself in providing all patients with the best available treatment methods and techniques to maximize patient outcomes. Each treatment plan is individually tailored to the patient's unique clinical presentation and anatomy.


What does all that mean? Simply put - your whole health is my priority!

Are you getting enough exercise?

Physical activity is an important piece of your whole health!


Take a step in the right direction by adding physical activity to your daily lifestyle. Start by slowly increasing your physical activity to meet the new physical activity recommendations.


Physical activity doesn’t mean only sports – it can include everyday things like walking the dog, planting a garden, playing tag, building a snowman, tobogganing, and even household chores like raking the leaves, or sweeping the garage.


Remember - habits formed early can last a lifetime! Help set your children up to succeed in health.